Innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship in Dalarna

The Clas Ohlson Foundation was established in 2017, by members of the Ek Tidstrand and Haid families, descendants of Clas Ohlson and also shareholders of the company of the same name. The foundation is non-profit-making and is a separate entity from the company Clas Ohlson AB. The aim of the foundation is to honour the memory of Clas Ohlson by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the county of Dalarna, Sweden, giving young people access to education and helping people in need.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Many successful companies have their origins in Dalarna, particularly in and around Insjön, Clas Ohlson’s hometown. This is a tradition the foundation wants to cherish and it will strive to increase innovation and foster an entrepreneurial mindset in Dalarna, in the spirit of Clas Ohlson himself.

Education for children and young people

Giving young people opportunities to develop has always been an aspect of Clas Ohlson’s business enterprise. The foundation would like to respect this by supporting and improving access to education for children and young people, locally in Dalarna, the rest of Sweden, as well as around the world.

Helping people in need

Clas Ohlson was always concerned about his fellow human beings, both as a person and employer. Accordingly, the foundation will strive to help people in need, for instance in cases of war, refugee situations and natural disasters

The Board

Dimitri Haid

Chairman of the board

Göran Sundström

Board member since 2017

Grischa Haid

Board member since 2017

Mathias Haid

Board member since 2017

Maria Thulemark

Board member

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