The Clas Ohlson Foundation was created over the summer, with the aim of
supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Dalarna, giving young people access
to education and helping people in need. At Clas Ohlson AB’s annual general
meeting at the weekend, shareholders decided to donate SEK 5 million to the
foundation which now has a seed capital in excess of over SEK 10 million at its

“The idea of establishing a foundation in Clas Ohlson’s name has been around for a long time and
now, as we are about to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Clas Ohlson AB, we felt that the
time was right”, says Helena Ek Tidstrand, one of the founders.

Promoters of the Clas Ohlson Foundation are members of the Ek Tidstrand and Haid families,
descendants of Clas Ohlson and shareholders of the company Clas Ohlson AB. Together, the
founding members Helena Ek Tidstrand, Claus-Toni Haid, Björn Haid and Peter Haid have
contributed just over SEK 5 million to the foundation. In addition, the founders have agreed to
allocate an annual amount of their dividend payments from Clas Ohlson AB to the foundation’s
operations. During the company’s AGM on 9 September 2017, it was decided to donate SEK 5
million, as a one-off payment, to the Clas Ohlson Foundation.

“Clas Ohlson himself endeavoured to be a good employer and citizen and was very supportive of
Dalarna, his home county, and we are very grateful that shareholders in Clas Ohlson AB share our
vision of honouring the memory of Clas Ohlson in this way. We look forward to running the
Foundation and contributing to positive change”, says Dimitri Haid, Chairman of the Clas Ohlson

A Board comprising Chairman Dimitri Haid, Grischa Haid, Mathias Haid, Göran Sundström and
Tina Englyst will lead the Foundation’s efforts. Initially, the foundation with work through
partnerships with already established expert organisations in the relevant areas. During 2018, the
foundation plans to make its first donation to one or more of the previously mentioned focus areas.

For more information, please contact:
Dimitri Haid, Chairman of the Board,