The cyclone Idai has caused massive flooding and  damage for some 2.6 million people in southeast Africa. Mozambique has been the most damaged and hundreds of thousands are homeless. Children’s lives have been scattered. The cyclone has destroyed houses, felled trees and wiped out infrastructure. Food, clean water, roads, electricity and telecommunication is lacking. Toilettes and sewer systems are ruined and the drinking water is contaminated. Due to the acute crises Clas Ohlson Foundation has resolved to donate 250,000 SEK to Save the Children’s actions in Mozambique.

Photo: Sacha Myers/Save the Children

Save the Children has worked in the relevant region since the 1980s and has an emergency readiness at all times. The organization’s crises team is on location and does its utmost to help children and families, but it challenging to access the affected areas. Emergency help has reached the airport in Mozambique but more help is needed and Save the Children will ascertain that all life necessities are delivered to and that the following matters are implemented:

  • Tents, canvas covers and blankets to ascertain that families can sleep warm and dry.
  • Hygiene articles like soap, laundry powder, water cleansing tablets, buckets and water cans are distributed to families to prevent the spread of deadly diseases.
  • Children that are alone are protected and Save the Children uses best efforts to find their families.
  • Mobile hospitals are set up for families that have sought shelter at interim places.
  • Children friendly places are set up where children can play safely, talk to adults and rest in a safe place in the chaos.
  • Ascertain that the school system and education is started again to ensure the children’s education.

“One can hardly understand the magnitude of the destruction that has affected so many. Hence, it feels good that the foundation can act swiftly and contribute to Save the Children , that is already present in the region, to help the most vulnerable.”

Dimitri Haid, Chairman of the board of Stiftelsen Clas Ohlson Foundation

Photo: Sacha Myers/Save the Children