Clas Ohlson Foundation extends its partnership with Plan International to support education projects in Nigeria

Clas Ohlson Foundation aims to promote education and help those in need. Since 2020, it has supported Plan International’s educational work for girls in a refugee camp in Minawao, northern Cameroon. Now, the partnership extends to supporting children’s right to education in Nigeria.

In northeastern Nigeria, attacks by Boko Haram and other armed groups threaten children’s education. Boko Haram has targeted the education system since 2009, destroying schools and kidnapping children. About three million children in the region need support to continue their education. This crisis, combined with poverty, inequality, and climate change, jeopardizes their schooling and future livelihoods, hindering the achievement of Agenda 2030’s goal of quality education for all.

Clas Ohlson Foundation will support Plan International’s new humanitarian project in Borno, aiming to help 8,000 children resume their education. The project focuses on creating safe learning environments, providing educational materials, offering psychosocial support, and recruiting and training 30 new teachers. Additionally, 210 existing teachers will receive further training. Outreach campaigns will encourage more families to send their children to school.

– The needs are huge and a crucial part for us to be able to implement our work is funding from partners. We are therefore very grateful and proud of the Clas Ohlson Foundation’s long-term commitment and support to meet the educational needs of children around the world. This project will ensure that children in Borno State have the opportunity to have a good future,” says Jessica Eriksson, Partner Manager, Plan International Sweden.

“We are very happy and satisfied with the impact of what we have achieved so far and that we can continue to contribute to children’s right to education together with Plan International. By enabling education for children, we are helping to shape a better future for communities affected by crises and conflicts,” says Dimitri Haid Clas Ohlson Foundation.

Since 2016, Plan International has actively worked in northeastern Nigeria, supporting children affected by conflict and advocating for their right to education. Schools provide not only knowledge but also a safe space and meals for children. Educated girls tend to have fewer, healthier children later in life.

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