The Clas Ohlson Foundation continues its commitment to children and young people by becoming part of the facilitation of a study on problematic school absenteeism at secondary school level.

The research is led by Associate Professor Gunnel Östlund at Mälardalen University together with researchers from three of Mälardalen University’s academies. The study is conducted in collaboration with Stadsmissionens Skolstiftelse within the framework of the university’s overall theme Sustainable growth, and includes three sub-studies over three years.

“Every day we see how too many children and young people cannot or do not want to go to school. This involves a number of children and young people who risk being excluded from society at an early stage. It is important for the Clas Ohlson Foundation to support research on problematic school absence, and in this way help create better conditions for children and young people during their school years and in the future,” says Dimitri Haid, chairman of the Clas Ohlson Foundation.

The research takes place at Stadsmissionens Skolstiftelse’s Grillska gymnasiums. The overall purpose of the project is to study how, what and why problematic school absence seems to increase despite the efforts made by school management, school staff and guardians in connection with students’ school absence.


Through publication of results and public seminars, it is hoped that the research will attract both national and international interest.

The project is funded by Mälardalen University, the Edesta Foundation and the Clas Ohlson Foundation.


School & Education
School & Education