The Clas Ohlson Foundation, together with other local actors, has supported Leksand High School with the purchase of modern 3D printers for the technology programme.

Glenn Sandahl, teacher at Leksand High School says that the new 3D printers have many more inbuilt functions and are much more reliable than the older versions the school has had so far. The use of the new printers helps both students and teachers to take advantage of technological developments, and creates a desire to learn. Seeing their design and product in three dimensions, as opposed to just a drawing, makes a big difference to the joy of creation. One example of this is that the computers the students use are built by the students themselves.

The donation received by Leksand High School was sufficient not only for four state-of-the-art printers, but also for consumables and new tools. All the new equipment is available to the students in a dedicated room, a Makerspace, which is accessible to students outside of regular school hours.

“Being able to contribute to increased innovation and technical knowledge is completely in line with the Clas Ohlson Foundation’s purpose, and the fact that it also benefits our home region of Dalarna is of course extra fun,” says Maria Thulemark, board member of the Clas Ohlson Foundation.

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