Following the attack against Ukraine more than 2 million people have fled and the number is increasing. UNHCR leads and coordinates the work with helping and assisting the refugees in Ukraine and in the neighboring countries.

Clas Ohlson Foundation has, together with Clas Ohlson AB, decided to donate 250,000 SEK each to UNHCR, in total amounting to half a million SEK.

UNHCR provides necessities such as shelter, sleeping equipment and food. Among other important tasks, the organization shares information and facilitates family reunions by registering refugees.

In receiving countries, UNHCR helps for example to build refugee centres, provide materials and coordinate emergency efforts.

Donations with double impact

A private foundation called the Akelius Foundation, established by entrepreneur Roger Akelius, has made a generous agreement with UNHCR in which they are committed to double the money UNHCR receives for Ukraine in March. This means that the Akelius foundation donates 500,000 SEK extra as a result of the donations from Clas Ohlson AB and the Clas Ohlson Foundation.