Clas Ohlson Foundation has chosen to support Young Entrepreneurship, with a special focus on Dalarna, to promote education for children, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Young Entrepreneurship is a politically independent, non-profit educational organisation. Since 1980, the organisation has trained high school students in entrepreneurship. Young Entrepreneurship also works with children in elementary school to train and develop their creativity and entrepreneurship. In the long run, it contributes to more jobs, lower unemployment and more female entrepreneurs.

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Mathias Haid, Clas Ohlson’s great-grandchild, represented Clas Ohlson Foundation on a Young Entrepreneurship event in Borlänge on March 21, 2018. Clas Ohlson Foundation was a competition host and participated in the jury work for “The Product of the Year in Dalarna”. Well-deserved winners became “Glass of Dalarna UF” which sells unique custom-designed glass with a feeling of Dalarna.